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  • Amira


  • Nhung

    I improve english

      • Hi, my navite language is Vietnamese. I’m looking for way to improve my skill English.

    • Are you still improving English ? or you have improved English ?

  • Ahmed abdalla

    Let’s improve our language

    • Hello,

      Great to see you all here.

      Sure, we’ll work together to improve your English. Some of you have already joined my course and improved immensely 🙂

      I look forward to teaching you all.

      See you soon!

      • Ngân

        hello! i want to learn english .

  • Thank you so much dear teacher, fortunately I got 100% , but it doesn’t mean I am perfect I am still in need practicing more for fill in my knowledge

  • Hello everyone! I want to lean english.

  • Ahmed

    I wish speaking english

  • Fatane

    I’m going to england for studying architectural arcdoctorate and i want to improve english

  • Sonia


  • I’ve been studying English for years but I have troubles in using prepositions and using the grammars I’ve learnt while im speaking .I think its all relate to lack of a serious partner to speak with

    • Carmen

      Hi there, I need someone to practice conversation if you want we can practice together, let me know

    • hello.can you to help me pratice english?

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