Learn English – How to get people to talk to you in English?

Learn English – How to get people to talk to you in English?

Here are a few tips on how to get natives to respond to your requests and build a lasting conversation exchange in English.

Explain Why?

Make your intentions clear from the outset. Rather than a simple post saying ‘ I need to improve my English, please help me’ Tell them you prefer speaking in English because you need the
practise. Explain in your post, why it is important to you, explain what you like about English and why you need it. This gives the other people an idea about what you are looking for and can lead to an interesting conversation.

Communicate your passion for the language.

We all have different reasons, communicate in the best possible way that you can, why you find the english language interesting, is the expressions? Is it the accent? What have you seen or heard that makes you want to learn this language?


Are you self-conscious? If the answer is yes, you need to work on this. One of the main reasons, you have not improved is because you are afraid of what the person might think of you. When learning a language, you will of course make mistakes and find the other person laughs, thinking it was cute. It can be embarrassing for most but never let it hold you back, if you can add a little humor into the conversation, I’d say its a pretty good start and you’d be surprised how your language exchange experience develops.

Your Goals

Set your targets. Try to have a clear idea about what you want to learn and stick to it. Keep a record and review it regularly to see your progress, you’ll soon feel confident and motivated enough to continue your language learning journey.

Show interest in your language partner.

Show interest in your language partner. A vital part of learning is knowing about the person you are talking to you. You will pick up so much information about the language, culture and expressions. Learning is also about listening, so ask questions (appropriate questions :)) and listen and learn.

Feel free to contribute your ideas and thoughts here, what has worked for you and what hasn’t? Language learning communities are about sharing!!!


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  • Islamko

    Help me improving my english please
    I’m in need to make a large progress for it
    Please help me

    • Of course, You’re come to the right place.

      I hope you’ll find these tips useful. You will make progress, just keep at it however keep in mind what your main aim is.

      Good luck

      • Julia Graciana

        Hi! I want to thank you Chayal for your kindness, because I saw your profile and your messages to the people who wants to practice or improve english.And It’ s a great plesure for me to write this to you.In fact,I am very happy that you are among of the person who cares about us!thank you so much

        • @Julia thanks for your message and kind words.
          It’s important that we can help each other out when and where possible.
          Learning a language is hard enough but knowing there are people who are willing to help, makes all the difference 🙂

  • I studied English Language well, but I am shy and can not speak English loudly. I always thinks that my accent needs to be better. I just want to be courageous and speak English fluently. moreover, all my friends speak Arabic and I can not find the chance to practice the language, Could anyone help me……!!

    • Firstly, you should be proud that you know English well enough to speak it. The problem most people have when learning a foreign language is that they dislike the way they sound in their targeted language. You just cannot get to grips with the sound of your own voice. You really shouldn’t worry about your accent, trust me it bothers you more than the other person.

      You’ve come to the right site, it will take time but you will find someone to practice with. Stay focused on your main goals and the rest will fall into place.

      • Vanessa

        It really help me if somebody would teach me on how to become a good speaker or let say i need to speak fluently

    • I’m trying to better English, you can join me in English exchange to improve better english

  • Hello
    I want to learn English and especially understand and hold a conversation.
    The most difficult is to understand a conversation in English.
    you have to practice it on but I would have to have a disucssion with native English

    • Hi,
      I think one of the problems you might be having is understanding the accent.
      You might need to select which type of English accent you want to practice, American or British?
      Try to figure out what is causing you problems and work on that.

      • hi and thank’s for your recommendations.
        I need learn the american accent. I looking for the peoples speaking native english and tell me I am errors.

        • That’s great. Now you have a goal.
          You need to seek out American speakers, or even watch shows and programs in American English.
          If once in a while, you practice speaking to yourself, there is no shame in that 🙂

  • Juliana Graciana

    hi! I think you should find a way to visit US at least one month or do as Chayal said. Try to watch american drama or movie everyday or follow their program tv and you will see some evolution.you need too a big effort about your shyness, I advise to consult a book of psychology.It’s better in english because it will helps you as well.

  • I want help to learn engligh to speak easily with good accent as native speaker

    It’s good to be with you to learn engligh

    • Thanks for your comment.
      This community has been built for you so feel free to take advantage of all the resources available on this site.

  • Hello everybody. I like English very much and I want to communicate fluently in English. I hope to receive instructions from everyone.

  • Assadullah

    Hello! Everybody, I like so much American english
    Who is can help me.
    Thanks a lot of

  • Hello!
    I did not learn English very well, now I’m beginning to learn English. I always think that belief, effort will be successful.
    Can anyone help me conquer this new language?

  • Thanh Toan

    Hi Chayal .I did not learn English very well, now I’m beginning to learn English. I can you help me clean english.

  • Werley Fernandes

    Hi. I’m studing english and I want to improve more and more, I want become a fluent in this language. This is my big dream. Please help me.

  • Yubraj Aryal

    I need to improve my speaking skills as I have to appear for the interview

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