Improve your English Faster

Improve your English Faster

This is it! My course is ready:

After months of preparation, working directly with the ELE community and a professional team.

Start by testing your English, it’s Free!

This is a quick, free online test – It’s always good to evaluate what your current level of English is.

I’ve prepared 20 questions in this Free English Test based on a variety of topics.  This test contains questions based on daily conversational subjects and your test results will help you understand exactly what you need to improve your spoken English.

When you finish the test, you will be told your current English level.

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Free English quiz

Then join my Course and the VIP Community to learn quickly!

One of the best ways to advance your spoken English quickly is to practice your pronunciation, become familiar with the language by building your vocabulary and improving the quality of your conversations by learning common phrases and expressions used by native speakers.

In my course there are 22 videos with easy-to-read subtitles plus tests and assignments to help you learn how to speak English.

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      • Hoa Nguyen

        I’m Hoa,Nice to meet you.I come from in Vietnam.Hope that you can help me to learn English=)) .

    • Profile photo of chayal

      🙂 Look forward to working with you soon.

      • đoàn thị phúc nguyên

        i like chayal .i want to learn English.can i help you?

      • Ho

        I’m Ho, Nice to meet you! I come from in Vietnam. I want to study English. Can you help me and chat English with me. Thank you very Much!

      • Violet

        Hi,nice to meet you,i love English

      • Profile photo of alaa rabih

        how are you ?
        can you help me how to learn english? pleas …
        how i can start to learn ?

      • Profile photo of hoaihuong

        Hello! I’m Huong. I’m from Viet Nam. I want to speak English but I speak English not well. Can you help me?

  • Kwira


  • Sihar.

    Please tell me what you think about them in the comments below, and I hope you enjoy them!
    To me Language exchange is a great way to learn English but language for the four skills of English are difficult because they must be supported with elements such as Vocabulary,grammar,etc .
    So,what Chayal plans is a good solution.

    • Lucia Helena

      Hello Sihar!
      I want to learn english.
      Can you help me?

    • Profile photo of vietpham

      Hello Sihar!
      I want to learn english.
      Can you help me?

    • Profile photo of lipuguang

      Nice to meet you I hope you will help me learn English.Thank you very much!

  • Profile photo of Tracy Gemini

    Studying a new language means studying a new culture. 🙂

    • Profile photo of chayal

      Exactly. And that is something we will do together!

      • Profile photo of Van Doan

        Hi Chayal, Nice to meet you, have a good day!

        • Chayal. I really want to improve my E speaking skill, so can u help me?

          • Profile photo of chayal

            Of course I can. I can also give skype lessons. Let me know once you’ve joined my course.

        • Profile photo of hoaihuong

          Hello! I’m Huong. I’m from Viet Nam. I want to speak English but I speak English not well. Can you help me?


    • Aya

      My dream is to speak english

  • Profile photo of Tuyen Nguyen VN

    Learning a foreign language make me love more about this country

  • Hồng Ntt


  • Kyal

    One of my dreams is to speak English))

  • Profile photo of chayal

    Thank you for all your positive comments.
    We have lots of work to do together and it will be fun and exciting.
    I look forward to teaching and helping you all.

    • Profile photo of Ut Pham

      hello chayal
      i am a student and i really want to study english better

  • Profile photo of Haidy Malek

    Thank you chayal. we are waiting for your lessons

    • Profile photo of chayal

      Great. I’m excited to share it with you.
      There are so many things I want to teach every English learner.
      Can’t wait to launch my course 🙂

      • Hoa

        hi chayal,

      • Chi

        hi chayal
        can you teach me english skill. how can I learn your lessons

        • Profile photo of chayal


          Of course I can teach you. My lessons will provide you with the basic’s, once you’ve watched all the videos, I am confident you will be able to communicate in English.

          Look forward to teaching you.

    • Profile photo of

      how does this work? I don’t have any idea
      could you please let me know how does it work?

  • Profile photo of casanne

    Isn’t there a good course that is free of charge?

  • Ruby Sen

    Great program

  • Ngọc Anh

    I really want to communicate with native speakers

  • Profile photo of Kurdish

    Thank you a zillion dear for sharing these blogs with us. I am sure it works well with us. As a self taught learner I would like to read everything that linked with English.

    • Profile photo of chayal

      You are most welcome 🙂
      And you have come to the right place.

  • Hi everyone
    How is it going
    In my opinion I think this site is very good for many reasons
    First itis very easy to use it
    Second there are many friends to chat with themthat is why I think this site is winderful

    • Profile photo of chayal

      So glad to hear that.
      We are happy you have enjoyed the community 🙂

  • Profile photo of

    hello I am also here to learn English. Could you please tell me how does it work.

  • Curtis Davies

    Nice job. I think this is a very effective activity for students to move towards quick progression.

    Another thing to keep in mind if you truly want to ‘learn faster’ is to think about the quality of each study activity you are doing. Although having fun while you are learning is important, it’s also helpful to think about how you can make that ‘fun’ activity more educational or more beneficial.

    For example, listening to a piece of audio or watch a video, then try to talk about it. When you try speaking about it, you will realize the words that are difficult for you to use and be able to practice them (which also helps you remember them faster).

    It’s hard to explain this concept of the highly effective learning activities in just a few words, however, these two articles do a fantastic job of explaining how ‘high quality’ study activities can help you to see huge improvements in a lot less time. The first is from Real English Conversations and the second one is from Benny Lewis.

    • Profile photo of chayal

      Thanks very much Curtis.

      You’ve shared some good advice there for our members. Much appreciated.

      • Profile photo of hoaihuong

        Hello chayal.Can you help me speak English.

  • Jeasly

    Hi everybody
    I want talk engligh

  • Profile photo of Xuan Nguyen

    Hello Everyone
    I want to improve English Speaking

  • Susy

    Hello. Can you help me? I would like to learn in English.😑

  • Profile photo of vo van lap

    Hey Guys, I’m a Vietnamese. So, I’m here that’s because I want to improve english. I hope to receive the help from everyone.

  • Profile photo of Kim Ngan Tong

    Hello! My name’s Ngan. I’m friendly, sociable and optimistic. Now, I’m studying English so I want to have a lot of foreign friends who help me practice English everyday.

  • Profile photo of Linh Đỗ

    Hi, everybody. I’m looking for a friend to help me learn American and learn about the culture.

  • Profile photo of Ken NguyenVN

    Hi everybody,
    I come from VietNam , i am feeling happy to study English with someone .
    I’m a beginner

  • Profile photo of lise7

    hi everybody
    I come from Vienne in France, i’m looking for someone to improve my level of english

  • Profile photo of lise7

    hello I am looking for someone who help me to improve my English

  • Profile photo of nguyen mai lan

    I’m Lan ,Nice to meet you.I come from in Vietnam.Hope that you can help me to learn English=)) .

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