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  1. You will learn phrasal verbs for clothing which are extremely common and for you to know these will help you sound more like a native English speaker. I will also teach you to describe how something fits. How you give compliments to someone. Come and practise the correct pronunciation and learn many you words.
  2. Part 2 - Lesson 3 - Telling the Time

    You will learn how to tell the time in English How to express time to each other, i’ll work with you on many examples. Detailed explanation on blocks of timing and the fun part, I will teach you some fun expressions, in English about TIME!
  3. Part 2 - Lesson 2 - Days and Dates

    Can you tell me what the date is? If not, don’t worry because today’s lesson is about days and dates. In this lesson: You will learn how to say and write the days of the week. You will learn how to say the dates of a calendar month. You will also learn the months of […]
  4. Part 2 - Lesson 1 - Numbers

    This lesson is all about Numbers. You will learn how to say and spell numbers in English. You’ll learn the correct pronunciation and syllable stress This lesson includes: The basics 1 – 100 You will also learn some of the larger numbers from 100 up to 1 million The whole numbers And you will learn […]
  5. Part 1 - Lesson 8 - Being Polite in English 2

    This video is split into 4 sections: Personal Space Punctuality   Eye Contact Smiling With this video you will immediately start learning the things you need to do in order to be successful when you meet native speakers. You can practise using these during your conversations.
  6. Part 1 - Lesson 7 - Being Polite in English

    This lesson is all about making a first good impression. You will learn what constitutes as good manners and what is acceptable and what’s not acceptable in society. Amongst learning new vocabulary you will learn how to use Please/Thank you/I’m Sorry. Why you should avoid using the word ‘No’ and alternatives for this word. And how you […]
  7. Part 1 - Lesson 6 - Talking About Your Family

    It’s a big topic and I’m sure you would all like to be able to talk about your family in English and answer questions. In this video you will learn: The questions you can ask How to respond to questions people ask about family Talk about your immediate family Speak about other members of your […]
  8. Part 1 - Lesson 5 - About your Favourite Things

    Find new vocabulary that you can use to express the things for words – Like and Dislike in sentences. Expressing the things you would like to do in life and an exercise included with personal help from me. Test – I’ll help you practise ways you can start talking about your favourite things.
  9. Part 1 - Lesson 4 - Talking & Asking Questions About Your Life

    You’ll learn how to speak about your life and ask questions to others about their work or study, personal interest and hobbies. An excellent lesson to help you build a constructive conversation with native speakers.
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