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Ele Staff asked 5 years ago

What’s the difference between these? How can they be used in a sentence?

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magnolia answered 5 years ago

I think I posted this in the wrong place the first time.  I am unsure how to delete or edit anything.
(adjective) small in size or amount, young or unimportant/not serious
a little toy (tiny)
my little sister (This can mean she is younger, small in size or both.)
When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse.
a little problem (not serious)
**LITTLE can mean small, but it can also just show emotion.
Isn’t she a lovely little girl! (The child might not be unusually small in size: the person might
be showing a positive reaction to the child.)
adverb of degree
The child laughed a little.
The kitten was shaking a little.
I am feeling a little better.
That is a little difficult to believe.
I find his behavior a little odd.
The store is a little crowded today.
a small amount of something or something that is not very expensive
I would like to give you a little something for all of your help. (an inexpensive gift, a token of appreciation)
I do not want a big meal, but I should eat a little something. (a snack)
quantifiers – indicate “some” – often indicate that the quantity is less than expected or hoped for
The use of “a” can change the meaning slightly.
The teacher showed the student little patience. (almost none)
The teacher showed the student a little patience. (minimal patience)
I had little time to visit. (almost none)
I had a little time to visit. (a short period)
The new mom has few moments to herself. (almost none ever)
The mom has a few moments to herself. (a short amount of time)
** a few/few – used with countable nouns. (momentS)
a little/little- used with uncountable nouns. (time, patience)
These can be used in place of a noun that is obvious from context.
You would like some ice tea?
I will have a little, thank you. (a little of the ice tea)
Did you read these articles?
I have read a few.
I have read a few of them.
People know very little about this topic. (little information/ few facts)
Few will vote for this candidate. (few voters/citizens/people)
I hope this helps a little. 

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