Albus Thiên asked 5 years ago

 Hello, I’m Van Anh and I’m in grade 11. Next 2 years, I l’ll take the high school graduation and university entrance. Therefore now I have to select there university I like. Yesterday I said to my mother that I would study in  public relations branch of Academy of journalism and communication. My mother didn’t agree with my choice. She wanted me to study nursing in Medical University. But I didn’t like that sector. So what I can do to make my parents agree to let me learn at that Academy.  Can you give me some suggestions???? Thank you so much.

Trần Thiên Phong replied 5 years ago

Tell your teacher. maybe she will talk to your parents and your parents will probably agree

nevzorovsergey replied 5 years ago

I think you need to find some examples of stories when people was unhappy if they picked unloved work. And ask her, would her like if you child will happy?

Mohammed Ali replied 5 years ago

i think you must search in your sens and go

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Valentina1234 answered 5 years ago

Talk with them calmly and describe them thst you want to become a journalist

Mante answered 5 years ago

Probably your mom wants you to do with is best for you. Convince her of…

  • your motivation: you want to be a journalist to debate injustice and make the world a better place, etcera (Journalists help reveal medical malpractice)
  • your job chances: you can probably find statistics of job perspectives and salaries of successful journalists
  • the extracurricular courses you will follow: you learn English, PhP, data analysis, or some other interests you will have a brighter future 


Albus Thiên replied 5 years ago

Thanks so much

Kylych Asankulov answered 5 years ago

So you should tell her that you don’t want to work as a non-favorite sector for whole life. 

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