Working togetherHow to ask these questions in French?
Ele Staff asked 5 years ago

How would you ask these simple questions in French?

It’s nice to meet you!

How you doing today?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Where do you work?

Where do you live?



Sarah Barathieu-Aliaga replied 5 years ago

-Heureux de faire ta connaisance! or -Enchanté
(more an expression but that’s what we usually/always say after the presentation, this is a polite expression you can say to everyone.)

-Comment vas-tu aujourd’hui ? (polite) or ça va ? (very casual)
-D’où est-ce que tu viens ? (casual) or D’où viens-tu ? (polite)
-Quel âge as-tu ? (very polite) or Tu as quel âge ? (more casual)
-Où travailles-tu ? (very polite) or Tu travailles où ? (more casual)
-Où habites-tu? (very polite) or Tu habites ou ? (more casual)

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chayal Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks for your replies @Sarah Barathieu-Aliaga

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