Working togetherCan anyone help with this?
Ele Staff asked 7 years ago

Can anyone help me understand this short passage below?

What do the words in bold mean?

The era from 1865 to 1896 saw a growing tension between the country’s egalitarian and individualistic traditions on the one hand, and its emerging business empires on the other. This tension gave rise to radical new political movements, such as populism and progressivism

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magnolia answered 7 years ago

Egalitarian is used here as an adjective.
egalitarianism = noun form
egalitarianism, populism and progressivism (nouns) –

  • all ways of thinking that can drive action;
  • ideologies or systems of ideas and principles that can form/influence practices and basic economic/political policy

egalitarianism – the belief (or a set of beliefs) that all people are equal (they have the same worth) so
every person should have the same opportunities and everyone has the same rights
populism– a set of beliefs that support the concerns of the common people
(as opposed to the wealthy or those with special social status- with advantages that most do not have);
-in some cases this includes a negative view of the “privileged people” as “bad” in some way or to blame for problems;
-ideas and political efforts that give
those who represent the common people
what they typically want (like higher pay, reduced taxes)
often in order to gain their support
progressivism – the ideas that progress (advancements in technology, science, etc.)
should lead to the improvement of conditions for humankind
-a response to economic and social problems
-support for social reform
-an effort to represent the concerns of average/ordinary people through political change 
This is just a beginning, somewhat over-simplified, but I hope it helps. 🙂

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