Working togetherDifference between "Ser" and "Estar" in Spanish?
Nathanbrat asked 5 years ago

Can someone give me a simple example of how to use “Ser” and “Estar” please.
I know there are two verbs for ‘to be’ but I’m have difficulties understand how to use it
Thanks guys

JorgeBegazo replied 5 years ago

Ser: you would use it as in “Quiero ser bueno en español” as something that you want to achieve, or simply be.
Estar: use it as in “Voy a estar en la cocina” in a place or a mood you currently are.

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Elena Yanchenko answered 5 years ago

“Ser” is a description, “Estar” is a condition, like “Ella es bonita”, pero “Ella esta enfermo”

Buntaro replied 5 years ago

I’m from México and I couldn’t said it better than you XD

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