Working togetherCategory: OtherWhat is the difference between “lots of” and “loads of”?
Ele Staff asked 5 years ago

Do “lots of” and “loads of” mean the same thing?

JangoJr replied 5 years ago

Grammatically they’re not different from each other. But I suppose that loads of is not appropriate in formal situations.

1 Answers
magnolia answered 5 years ago

They share a meaning.
lots of a lot of /loads ofa load of = a large amount, much; a large number, many  (You might also see tons of/ a ton of.)
They are all informal.
many, numerous, countless, a considerable number/amount, much, several, some – more appropriate possibilities for formal contexts
Both have other meanings.
load –  amount or weight of something carried
The trucks were carrying loads of construction materials.
lota set of things
I bid on several lots of vintage postcards on Ebay.  (a lot = one set/collection of vintage postcards)

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