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chayal Staff asked 7 years ago

Can you list some English words that begins and ends with the same letters?
Ex. Mum, Dad, Pop, Gig….
Your turn….

magnolia replied 7 years ago

I did not expect the link to be huge.

1 Answers
magnolia answered 7 years ago

Socks – the beginning and ending letters are the same
Are you asking about palindromes? a word (phrase, number, sentence etc) that reads the same backward and forward
civic, noon, refer, tenet, stats, kayak, mom, wow, level, Anna
There is a song called “Bob” by Weird Al. (The name explains a lot.)  The lyrics are palindromes.
never odd or even
neve ro ddo reven

That video has each on a separate frame.  If it does not work, you can google BOB by Weird Al lyrics.

magnolia replied 7 years ago

I tried to include a link to the song that is easy to read and hear. Apparently, I can’t. I do not know how to adjust the space.
If anyone cannot find it, send me a message. 🙂

Lucia replied 7 years ago

Very nice song!!

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