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Matt Ortega asked 4 years ago

Shops vs. Supermarkets
Nowadays, with the constant advance of consumption, we can appreciate the enormous amount of new supermarkets and shops that are taking over our cities. Moreover, the competition between both types of markets is developing constantly. But are shops better than supermarkets?
Firstly, going shopping to supermarkets, where there’s a little bit of everything, sounds like an excellent idea, especially because of the convenience. This, obviously, doesn’t happen in shops given that you have to take your time, visit lots of different stores and compare their prices. In addition, stores are specialized in one specific kind of good, as opposed to supermarkets.
Furthermore, the range of prices found in shops tend to be lesser than those found in supermarkets, and that’s because supermarkets aren’t specialized in only one kind of product, and it’s harder for the sales managers to be able to get discounts on their purchases. As a result, goods in stores will be cheaper than those in supermarkets.
In conclusion, buying products in supermarkets is convenient, but expensive, as opposed to what happens in normal stores. Shopping in shopping malls is the best alternative.

mike26 replied 4 years ago

Great Essay. Good lexicon. Nice to read.

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