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Matt Ortega asked 4 years ago

Online shopping vs. real life shopping
Nowadays, more and more people are buying things online through a wide range of companies, such as Amazon, or Ebay, but is it making real life shopping uncompetitive?
On the one hand, we have to consider that shopping through the web can sometimes be extremely useful, especially because of the massive advertisements and bargains you can find there. In real life shopping, this becomes way more difficult because it’s harder to compare prices from different shops.
On the other hand, shopping through the internet can be frustrating because you need to have a credit card, pay for the shipping, which is often more expensive than the product you’re buying, and you also need to make sure that the product arrives in good conditions, if it ever arrives. In addition, you may have your credit card tracked and hacked, which of course isn’t satisfying at all.
To sum up, online shopping is a great tool for people to use, but we have to bear in mind different factors, such as security and convenience. You wouldn’t buy a bottle of water online, would you?

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Ele Staff answered 4 years ago

Just a little change below:
especially because of mass advertisements and bargains you can find on there

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