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Matt Ortega asked 5 years ago

Hi fellas! So basically I need help with my FCE Writing assessment, so if any of you wants to take a look at it and help me correct it or give me tips, well, that’d be great…
Future Homes
Nowadays, with the constant development of new technologies we can appreciate how our life is changing in every aspect, including the structure of our houses. Little by little, we are adding more and more technologies and gadgets to our homes, such as A/C or invigilating cameras. But now I wonder; how will houses be in a hundred years time?
Well, I suppose that they will probably be way bigger, but simpler, as well. The house will probably be completely automatically controlled by a computer. You’re going to be able to set up the alarm, the time in which the lights turn on, and the food you want to eat, as well as the way you want it to be cooked. Another aspect is that all students will probably be home schooled by the house itself.
Now, this will eventually create a gigantic controversy. Will it improve our lives or will it make us slaves of our own homes? For all we know, these houses could be infected with a virus or a bug and stab us while we are sleeping. But, who knows?

casanne replied 5 years ago

Hi Matt… couldn’t find anything wrong in your text… I wud just use “technolog and gadgets” instead of the plural. Good work!

Matt Ortega replied 5 years ago

Thank you so much!!

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