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Matt Ortega asked 5 years ago

Hi everone! I’m back again to ask you for corrections! So the task says: “A group of English speaking people are planning to visit your town next winter. You have been asked to write a report about the television and radio there, and say which kinds of programme you think the group might enjoy watching and listening to. Write your report in 140-190 words”
The Media for Visitors
The aim of this report is to provide visitors and tourists a general idea of TV and Radio in my city, as well as to make some recommendations on what programmes they’d like to watch and listen to.
The TV
There are two national TV networks; Encuentro and Paka-Paka. The first one gives cultural, social and political information about our country, whereas the second one is an animated channel for children aged 5-10.
There’s a huge variety of private TV networks, such as TN, A24, and 10MDP. Some of them can be watched for free if you have a cabled TV connection, whereas some other ones are provided by a paid TV networking company, either Cablevisión or DirectTV.
The Radio
There really isn’t much to say about the radio in my city. The vast majority of the channels are about comedy and news bulletins, definitely not recommendable for tourists who don’t know, or have little knowledge of Spanish.
To sum up, I’d definitely recommend watching private TV programmes, like “TN al Mediodía” since their Spanish is easier to understand if you’re a foreign tourist.

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