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Ele Staff asked 4 years ago

What does the following phrase mean? Is this used worldwide, in every English speaking country?

“I was gobsmacked”

1 Answers
magnolia answered 4 years ago

I think it is British as I know it only because my friend in Derby uses it. 
I had not heard it before I met her, and I have only heard/seen it a couple times locally since.  
I doubt anyone can truly say if a word or expression is used in every English speaking country unless
he or she has lived in every part of every one for extended periods.
Many factors affect word choice and expressions, and words/sayings travel (TV, movies, songs, travelers, immigrants, books, news, etc.).
I can say it is not common or well known in my area.
gobsmacked-  surprised, shocked or amazed to the point of speechlessness, stunned

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