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Beho_123 asked 5 years ago

I usually wake up at 7:00 AM . First , I brush my teeth , take a shower and have breakfast . After that , I get on with every day chores like : clean the house , wash the dishes , ect . And I do my homework , learn English . At 11:30 AM , I eat lunch and prepare going to school . I have five lessons at school . My lessons start at 1:00 PM and finish at 5:00 PM . Then I come back to home  and have dinner with my family . That’s my one day . Almost days are the same . 

ivan64 replied 5 years ago

hello do you speak spanish?

Beho_123 replied 5 years ago

No , I don’t speak Spanish . I am Vietnamese

casanne replied 5 years ago

Very good Beho. just some small suggestions: cleaning the house, doing the dishes, etc. …prepare for school. or prepare to go to school…. then I come back home. That’s my daily routine. Almost all days are the same.

Hebaahmedfaread replied 5 years ago

Very good but use present continuous

DAHIMI SOUFIANE replied 5 years ago

Do you speak french

casanne replied 5 years ago

Never use Present Continous for routines.

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Matt Ortega answered 5 years ago

Hi! You could’ve said: “first I brush my teeth, take a shower, and then have breakfast” //  “I deal with daily chores” // “like cleaning the house…(they all go with -ing because you’re talking about actions not verbs)” // “Then I do my homework and learn English” // “and prepare to go to school (you get prepared TO + inf)” // Then I come back home // “That’s my daily routine, almost all days are the same” //

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