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Eugen asked 7 years ago

Between english in Britan and english USA Тhеre is difference?

Yanna.J replied 7 years ago

Hello, it might help if you specified the context you are keeping in mind. In general, yes: vocabulary, pronunciation, some grammar differences… to say nothing of slang…

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Eugen answered 7 years ago

Hi Yanna! Speak me please, Did you write or speake sometime with somebody from The england or USA?  

Maryam Mahmoud replied 7 years ago

I read alot and from what I recognise is that British is more like the serious one. That the consider the grammar even while talking. You find it more formal. And actually the account is pretty sexy 😉 .
While the American is less formal. Americans use lots of shorts while writing or taking that you find “brother” used as “bro”. “sister” as “sis” ect.. I think I know more but that’s what I remember now so if I remembered any thing else I’ll just add.
Hope that helped 🙂

Maryam Mahmoud replied 7 years ago

That was spouse to be a answer but I just recognized now I wrote it as a reply. Sorry – – .

Eugen answered 7 years ago

Dear Maryam Mahmoud, i want speak you many thanks because it helping me more know about this world and people and practice english.

magnolia replied 7 years ago

All people from the same place do not speak in the same manner.

magnolia replied 7 years ago

I am American. Nice to meet you.

Eugen replied 7 years ago

I’m Russia. Thank you magnolia your comment helped me! May i ask what is your real name?

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