Working togetherCategory: QuestionsHow have you improved your English Speaking?
chayal Staff asked 5 years ago

What did you do to improve and develop on your English speaking?
Did you try a number of things? What worked? And what didn’t work so well for you?

Azura Tran replied 5 years ago

I often logged in youtube to watching english videos and repeated sentences on screen

Thaoluu replied 5 years ago

I often watching english video on youtube and learn vocabulary in free time

bharath199 replied 5 years ago

by speaking to some one , ask them the feed back to whom i spoke and i get rectified it

michele5515 replied 5 years ago

i watch movies and series in english

Cedric Gontran replied 5 years ago

it’s good

1 Answers
Ele Staff answered 5 years ago

Great suggestions everyone 🙂
Keep them coming!

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