Working togetherHow will you spend christmas?
chayal Staff asked 6 years ago

Christmas is celebrated differently depending on where you are from. So how do you celebrate? What do you eat? What are your traditions?

. replied 6 years ago

Ich bin kein christlicher Mann, also tue ich keine besonderen Taetigkeit fuer Weihnachten.

1 Answers
sheena31 answered 6 years ago

In England, we put up a Christmas tree, put lights around the house and buy gifts for our friends and family.
On Christmas Day, we cook Christmas dinner (turkey, stuffing, sprouts, roast potatoes, ¬†mash, peas, carrots, gravy…..)
Then in the morning or evening you open all your presents. If you’ve got children, someone will probably dress up like Santa Claus.¬†

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