Working togetherCategory: QuestionsI need to find a partner for english speaking practice
hieunm11 asked 3 years ago

Hi, I’m Hieu. I’m from Vietnam
Now i’m here to find someone who’s willing to help me improve in English speaking
I’m preparing for the Ielts test so I hope for someone aged more than 17 whose language level is necessarily intermediate or upper.
My speaking is bad but I believe I have enough lexical sources and competence to make up for it. I think what i need most now is confidence when communicating and ability to organize ideas needed in writing and speaking
Whoever interested in this please comment or privately message me. replied 3 years ago

Hello! I want to practice! Good idea

Patricia84 replied 3 years ago

Hello I would like to help you as you my speaking is not well but I am working on

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