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Ele Staff asked 4 years ago

What are these keyboard symbols called in English?
( )
keyboard-symbol – the line in the middle?

Massi replied 4 years ago

Tilde, exclamation mark, parentheses.

1 Answers
magnolia answered 4 years ago

~ tilde
! exclamation point/mark
( )  Parentheses (used as a pair) 
( open parenthesis 
) close parenthesis
(on the bottom of the key to the right of the zero on a US keyboard)  hyphen  (The same key is the underscore key if the shift key is pressed.)
The same key is used as a minus sign or negative sign (negative number).
The on the alphanumeric keypad is an en dash
An en dash is slightly wider than a hyphen, and an em dash is slightly wider than an en dash.
You used a hyphen between keyboard and symbol.  keyboardsymbol
You used a dash to separate keyboard-symbol and the.   keyboard-symbol the line in the middle

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