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chayal Staff asked 5 years ago

Why do you rarely even hear the phrase, “Like father, like daughter”?
We have ‘Like Father, like son’ and ‘Like mother like daughter’
But not the above one.
Does it exist in other languages?

ViktorRa replied 5 years ago

yes, in russian tell “daughter like a mother”

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Ele Staff answered 5 years ago

@ViktorRa thanks for that. But do you have the saying, Like Father, like daughter’?

Tracytititi answered 5 years ago

In Vietnamese, ” Child like father, your house have happiness”

Ele Staff replied 5 years ago

That’s a lovely saying.

KarimTahoun answered 5 years ago

“Like father like son” is the most common phrase and it is the most correct one either.

Enric answered 5 years ago

In Spanish they often say: “De tal palo, tal astilla”.
It’s like… “he/she’s like a little recplica of his father/her mother” 😛

Peter Robertson answered 5 years ago

As the phrase is comparing people, it is usual to match the sexes. “Like father like daughter” would suggest that the daughter has masculine characteristics.

fox replied 5 years ago

In Russian you can say “Дочка вся пошла в отца” but it would not suggest that the daughter has masculine characteristics. It means that a girl likes to do something like her father. Father likes to play computer games and she likes. dad likes to argue with everyone and his daughter, too. Daddy loves to gesticulate and raise an eyebrow during a conversation and the daughter too.The father loves the burgers and his daughter, too. And Mama it’s not root 🙂

fox replied 5 years ago

In Russia it often happens that mother brings the daughter, makes with her lessons teaches to clean her room and cook. And dad only plays with daughter. Therefore, girls love to copy their fathers. And often, the children love their fathers more 🙂 sorry for my mistakes

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