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Ele Staff asked 7 years ago

What are the common contractions or short forms used in everyday English?
Contractions are common in informal writing such as emails and letters to friends and colleagues that you know.


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chayal Staff answered 7 years ago

Contraction or short forms are words or phrases that have been shortened by dropping one or more letters. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters. 
Here are a few:

can’t – cannot
couldn’t – could not
didn’t – did not
don’t – do not
haven’t – have not
he’d – he had, he would
he’ll – he will, he shall
he’s – he is; he has
I’d – I had, I would
I’ll – I will, I shall
I’m – I am
I’ve – I have
it’s – it is, it has
mustn’t – must not
she’d – she had, she would
she’ll – she will
she’s – she is
shouldn’t – should not
that’s – that is
there’s – there is
they’ll – they will
they’re – they are
they’ve – they have
we’d – we would
we’re – we are
what’re – what are
what’s – what is
where’s – where is
who’s – who is
you’ll – you will
you’re -you are

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