Working togetherlooking to improve my english
igna23 asked 4 years ago
igna23 replied 4 years ago

i am looking to improve my english
we can talk about psicology,tarot or whatever you want it

Mőħăʼnęd Àbdêlnäsêr replied 4 years ago

I want to be perfect at language

Phong Lan replied 4 years ago

please teach me the basic thing about tarot 🙂 I already got one, it calls Rider Waite Tarot.~

Bảo Ngọc replied 4 years ago

I want to improve my skills English, we can talk about cooking with me or every you want it.

1 Answers
Peter Robertson answered 4 years ago

Psychology would be interesting, but a conversation about Tarot would be exceedingly brief.

vikash replied 4 years ago

I am in

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