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Ele Staff asked 6 years ago

Heard this phrase on more than one occasion? Yet to discover what the act of “putting yourself out there” actually means.

James Zimmerhoff replied 6 years ago

It means: to make an effort to do something you have to do or to help someone, even if it is not convenient or require an additional effort.

2 Answers
chayal Staff answered 6 years ago

Here are some examples of ‘putting yourself out there’
Making an effort to help someone, even if it’s not convenient for you:

  • John is always willing to put himself out there for others.

Can also relate to dating:

  • Sarah, you should really put yourself out there more!

Meaning, don’t limit yourself to one type of person… get to know people who you wouldn’t normally pick and try dating them. Hence, try and dare new things!

MichaelReese answered 6 months ago

Good thoughts

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