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Working togetherCategory: Homework
Partner to practice by Skype
OpenLD Cas asked 3 years ago • 
446 views1 answers0 votes
Language exchange partner (English for Spanish).
OpenEnrique Diaz O asked 3 years ago • 
431 views0 answers0 votes
practising English
OpenLeo42rus asked 3 years ago • 
269 views0 answers0 votes
help me !!!!!!!
Opendnsvolie asked 3 years ago • 
229 views0 answers0 votes
Help with Spanish
OpenLiubbochka asked 3 years ago • 
274 views2 answers-1 votes
English practice
OpenOstap asked 3 years ago • 
333 views0 answers1 votes
“en quoi” et “de quoi” ?
OpenEle asked 4 years ago • ,
377 views1 answers0 votes
Similar words
ResolvedEle asked 4 years ago • 
332 views1 answers1 votes
Please correct the following sentence
OpenEle asked 4 years ago • 
287 views0 answers0 votes
Ms, Mrs, Miss?
ResolvedEle asked 4 years ago • 
296 views1 answers1 votes
Choose the correct spelling
OpenEle asked 4 years ago • 
398 views0 answers0 votes
Introducing yourself to your class
ResolvedEle asked 4 years ago • 
369 views2 answers0 votes
Stylistic analysis "Angel Pevement"
OpenAlexandra Shevyakova asked 4 years ago • 
244 views0 answers0 votes
let's help me do this exersice, please!!!!!
Resolvedsakura-chan asked 5 years ago • 
603 views3 answers0 votes

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