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Ele Staff asked 4 years ago
Does anyone know what is a dummy?
Gemx123 replied 4 years ago

a child’s poop

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magnolia answered 4 years ago

short answer: a child’s pacifier
dummy – (US/UK)
-a stupid person
This can be used jokingly/gently to tease a reasonably intelligent person who does/says something/s not very intelligent or to identify an idiot.
-a model of a person
The car’s brakes and air bags were tested with a dummy behind the wheel.
a ventriloquist’s dummy
*While both places use the word with this meaning, contexts might differ.
-something set up to look like the real thing but not real 
dummy accounts used for training purposes only

*The fake thing itself might be called a dummy. (used as a noun again)
dummy – UK
noun– a baby’s pacifier -an object with a nipple given to a baby to suck on in order to comfort the child
pacifier =US   also called a binky 
used in sports – acting as if one is going to do one thing to do another like pretending to kick/hit a ball one way
in order to deceive other players 
I think this is like a trick play or fake in American football.  I do not speak sports well. 🙂

ArmStrong replied 4 years ago

Excellent dear Mag

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