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sawerlaw asked 8 years ago

I’m pretty well know Russian. I need to prepare for the test under the “flex”. this program allows teenagers from other countries get the opportunity to go to the American family for a year to learn. You need to go through three stages. 15-minute test, an essay and a two-hour test. still there will need to talk to the Americans, so I need to practice speaking.

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chayal Staff answered 8 years ago

The correct way to write this sentence:
I know Russian pretty well. I am currently preparing for a test under the “flex” program, which provides opportunities for teenagers, like myself, to go live/visit American families for a year. Under the program, there are 3 stages involves, a 15-minute test, an essay and a two-hour test. Once I get over there, I need to be able to communicate in English and therefore I need to practice.

اميرة فوزى replied 8 years ago


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