Working togetherCategory: QuestionsWhy did you pick your targeted language?
Profile photo of sallysally asked 11 months ago

Why do you want to learn your target language?
What gives you the motivation to keep learning?

Profile photo of Erasmo LimaErasmo Lima replied 11 months ago

I want to learn another language for learn new cultures and new thinking

Profile photo of AnaSunflowerAnaSunflower replied 10 months ago

I learn two foreign languages in my University. Earlier I wanted to become a teacher but now my aim is to speak English fluently and travel, travel , travel. And communicate with different people, of course. Sorry, if I made some mistakes in my answer.

Profile photo of legend1legend1 replied 10 months ago


1 Answers
Profile photo of chayalchayal Staff answered 10 months ago

Travelling is great. You will learn so much. Your answer is perfect 🙂

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