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    Many people say that only children learn a new language quickly and adults take years and still have difficulties. I think that’s 50% correct. Children learn a language quickly because they are not afraid of the consequences. Because they are not afraid to say the wrong thing. They have no expectations of themselves and they haven’t got to know their ego yet. They are curious and the thirst for knowledge just bubbles out of them. Sometimes it’s gibberish but it doesn’t matter, Mom understands that. Life for them is a big playground without worries and fears. It’s easy to learn in such an environment full of foam. That’s the best setting, but who says an adult can’t? As adults, we even have something ahead of children we think strategically and we can make use of this knowledge. So, we know that in order to learn Spanish online for beginners, we just have to be as natural as a child. We know we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, and we know that the people who love us won’t laugh either if we say the wrong thing. Even if it sounds strange, be naive, don’t think about other people or any consequences. Just chatter away and you’ll make jumps! don’t.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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