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    Suppose you have been invited to a big party which would have many other people who might be your potential business partners in future, but you do not know anyone excepting the host and an old friend of yours. everyone would be talking continuously and willingly about many aspects. how could you approach and start a conversation with them?


    Walking into a room full of strangers can be intimidating. The best thing you can do is think about what you need to accomplish here, what are your goals? There is no point trying to strike up a conversation with people who potentially cannot help you.

    You mention you know the host, ask them to introduce you to key people, this might not always be possible so you should think about setting yourself an objective, like speaking to 3 new people. In terms of knowing what to say, you could just make a comment about the venue or ask how they know the host? You should maybe focus on asking questions to open the conversation.

    It’s not easy but just walk up to someone and ask them, how you doing? Shake their hand and introduce yourself. It’s a challenge but if you manage to do it once, the second time will be easier.


    Thank you, Chayal. that’s such a good suggestion for me.


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    Hello! Why omnichannel customer support ? Although many customers can start and end a customer service session in one channel, in some circumstances they will need to switch to a different channel to resolve their unique issue. Having omnichannel options helps customers stay connected and can even speed up the closing of a deal.


    In our business we have a main office and seven affiliates in different cities. So we can’t physically communicate with all of them via calls or trips. Any solution for the video conferencing tool?


    I thought that all business communications are now online. I guess you still remember the times when nobody could more anywhere. Exactly because of that time we found https://www.digitalsamba.com/video-sdk and implemented it in our office to communicate with investors. And this helped our business to stay afloat at difficult times.


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    I agree that most people communicate with business partners online, and companies to help you with business development are mostly found on the internet as well. For instance, not so long ago, I managed to discover https://live.beter.co to help me develop a gambling platform, and I doubt I’d be able to find something just as good in real life.


    It could be a shared industry, a recent event, or even a hobby you both enjoy. Highlighting commonalities helps foster a connection and mapquest directions creates a basis for further discussion.


    The reader will have a lot to think about after reading this article in addition to learning foodle new knowledge.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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