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    Lina 76

    Today I will write about [ʒ] sound. Жж for starter level.

    To make it you must put your tongue as you want to say English [r] sound but instead this say [z]. The important thing is – you must not move your tongue at all. It will be easier if you have the word with [ʤ] ДЖ дж sound. For example, ‘magic’. But in this sound you must try not to say д at all, only ж. If you do not move your tongue the result will be perfect.

    Now you can try to say [doʒdi] – rains. The difficulties may be in upside-down sounds [-ʒd-]
    [podoʒdi] – wait (for me) your friend is waiting
    [podoʒdite] – the same meaning, but two or more persons are waiting. This must be used if you want to say ‘wait for me’ politely to a person. In this case you can add ‘please’ [paʒalusta]

    Lina 76

    [a] is like in the word ‘cup’
    [u] is like in the word ‘put’


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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