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    Sveta Monastyrskaya

    I find people who can help me to learn English. I’m native Russian and also can help you. I find a native speaker. It will be interesting.

    Dr. Kolko

    I am learning English too. I can practice with you


    Can you help me too? I’m still looking for ways to improve my language. I’ll share one valuable resource for those who need to write a good essay. I write my essay with the help of professionals and I really like the results – it helps me to get high marks.


    Also i would like learn english


    I recently moved with my parents to the USA, and for me learning the language is quite difficult, although I understand most of it, but still grammar is difficult for me


    Until you are fully accustomed, the study will be very difficult and I would advise you to pay attention to writing services. But before using them, you can always read reviews, for example about the “wyzant” service, and decide whether it suits you or not. Although I know the language well, I still turn to written services so that they do everything for me

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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