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    Lina 76

    Hello, everyone!
    I have already had an exchange partner and teach Russian. I mean it is a free exchange.
    The matter is that each person can have one-two exchange persons for regular lessons for free. There are much more people wishing to learn Russian and they do not match with exchange profiles of those, who has Russian as a native language. A lot of people still need Russian and ask help while a lot of people with native Russian seek for English natives only 🙂

    I offer to have this topic for fee-based teaching, if it is possible according to ELE policy.

    I can teach and explain Russian in English. My occupation is a teacher and I know about methods of languages teaching very well because my experience of teaching is about 13 years. I think it is better to use private messages for more details.

    With every good wish,

    Lina 76

    And I still could not find English-Russian exchange (with English-native person). It is rather difficult…


    Hello. My name is Olga. I am very friendly, I like to make new friends, socialize and to call for a visit to Tallinn. I want very much to learn english, because I dream of graduate studies for and I can not learn it. I know english very bad. I would like to teach you to speak correctly in Russian, I know him very well, pronunciation and grammar, it’s my native language. We could talk on Skype. One day you and I teach cooking program, then on the second day I’ll teach. I have the learning skills of the Russian language, I worked as a tutor.
    I would be very glad to meet you, and help you and you to me. We could be friends and help each other.

    Qian ABA

    i am a native chinese. i want free russsia lesson. talk to me,please.

    Erlan Tostes

    Hello, Olga.
    I’m fluent in English and I’m interested in learning Russian.
    May I add you?


    Hello! I want to improve my english with native speakers. I can help you with russian, I am russian in original:)


    Hello] I’m Dasha] In Russia I am a teacher of English but recently i started to teach Russian as well. I have an account on Instagram where i put useful information about my language, there are defferent rules, vocabularies and some other things. I’m trying to make the rules easy to understand and add something new for you that you usually don’t have in your textbooks] I’ll be glad to help you with Russian language]]


    Hello guys! I am a fluent native russian speaker and I want to help people to communicate, learn and practice. Let me know if you need my help


    I can teach you russian. But I need learn german. Please write me.


    Hello! I want to improve my english with native speakers. I can help you with russian, I am native speaker

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    Hello! I am from Russia and Russian is my native language. Want to learn English. Respond those who are interested in Russian language. I apologize for the mistakes I write with a silly online translator)))


    Hello everyone.I want to improve my english level in return i can help you learn russian


    Hi everyone! I’m also native russian, if you need help with it – write me, I’ll help. NEED PRACTICE WITH ENGLISH!


    Hey Ladies & Gents! If you need help with russian pls feel free…

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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