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    Hello! We always start a conversation with the question “Как дела?” (How are you?). But very few know there are some other different ways to ask “How are you?” in Russian and I am going to share them with you.

    Как дела? [kak deelA] – How are you? or How are things?
    This is the most common way of asking.

    Как делишки? [kak deelEEshkee] – How are the things?
    It is a diminutive form of “Как дела?”.

    Как ты? [kak ty] – How are you? (informal)
    Как вы? [kak vy] – How are you? (polite)
    This question ponts directly at the person.
    Ты как? [ty kak] – How are you?

    Как жизнь? [kak zheezn’] – How’s life?
    Как поживаешь? [kak pazheevAeesh] – How are you living? (informal)
    Как поживаете? [kak pazheevAeetye] – How are you living? (polite)
    Как успехи? [kak oospEEhee] – How is it going for you?
    We can ask this question when we are interested in person’s success and achievements.

    Что нового? [shto nOvago] – What’s new?
    This question is used when we want to know something new about the person.

    Как настроение? [kak nastroYEneeye] – How are you today? (lit. How’s your mood?)
    The question points at the person’s mood.

    Как учёба? [kak oochYOba] – How’s it going at school?
    Как работа? [kak rabOta] – How’s work?
    Как здоровье? [kak zdarOv’ye] – How’s health?
    Как семья? [kak syem’YA] – How’s the family?
    Как дети? [kak dYEtee] – How are the children?
    You can also know how person’s family or children are going.

    Как дела на личном фронте? [kak deelA na lEEcham frOntye] – How is it going on the personal front?
    Как дела на любовном фронте? [kak deelA na lyoobOvnam frOntye] – How is it going on the dating front?
    These questions are very personal. Use them with only close friends when you are interested in their personal lives.

    Как день прошёл? [kak dyen’ prashOl] – How’s the day?
    The question points at the person’s day.

    If you know some other ways to ask “How are you?” write your variants in the comment section.


    Как прекрасен и многогранен наш язык!!!
    Как ты? Ты как? Как вы? а в английском только: How are you?
    Изучая английский, с бОльшей любовью отношусь к русскому )))

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