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    Hi everyone i’m here to learn English and to be fluent so i wrote this topic to do that , the topic title is just a question to know how to be fluent in it
    i will talk to you about any topic let it the tourism in Egypt , my country has a lot of tourist attractions like pyramids,sphinx ,valley of the kings ,Abo-semple temple,and other beautiful places
    so if we talk about the weather in Egypt it’s very good in winter ,there are a lot of warmer cities like Aswan and Luxor .although it’s very hot in summer,there are a lot of coastal cities like Alexandria ,sharm elshekh and ghardaga .in autm it’s very good and in spring also.
    there are a lot of beautiful places but i can’t remember it right now so it will be very good if any one interact with this topic and correct my mistakes to improve our language

    nguyen luong

    I really admidered you. I also study English. Could you give me some advises?

    Jack Td Oneil

    It is really nice topic.

    dao thi mai

    in the past
    i also write outline of any topic
    and if the difficult vocabulary
    i will search on dictionary
    i will practice this word
    and write it into full sentence
    then practice speaking about this topic
    at last speaking with person who speak english well for checking fro you


    practise makes perfect ^^


    practice makes a person perfect so keep learning and practicing..

    nany hany

    so guys do you have any group to practice in ?
    i wanna join

    Diego GV

    Hello everybody!

    I’m interested in practice english! I’m beginner also could be fun with another persons,

    Let me know if you want,



    I didn’t like the English language training with https://www.languagetrainers.com/. The trainer was very poor in English vocabulary. Wasted a lot of time and money. Feeling very bad. I was misguided and the result was nil.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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