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    Hi guys, i was wonder what could be the fastest method of learning any language, specifically Russian because i want to learn it as i will be going to Russia for my further study purpose. I have check some online courses like dulingo and echoee. They seem to have quite good courses but will they be as effective as i expected. If you guys have any experience with any of the courses, do let me know, will be helpful for me to make a decision. Thanks


    Hi luffami!
    I can share my exp in studying Esperanto with DuoLingo App. The progress of getting invloved is very smooth and quite interesting, so I can surely say I enjoyed it.
    But as I soon as I quit working with the App (thanks to my laziness) I forgot everything in ine month.
    So it can be a useful source, but not the only option, you’ll need something else to get practice. Like ELE:)


    Hello. 🙂 duolingo is best fastest program of learning any language, any language. Also you can bye a little dictionary, and take this in the toilet, for example 😀


    Or talking with me. I can help you with a Russian lang, if you want


    This question is surprisingly a tricky one. The simple truth with learning a language is that the more challenging, difficult and problem-solving the process of learning the better results. That’s the thing everyone should know. Russian is difficult in terms of grammar but not impossible for learning. Hope that you get that the whole point of learning language isn’t in LEARNING LANGUAGE but it’s in communication, understanding, and being able to receive information through every possible channel. And with that understanding goes hand in hand the realising that the best way to learn a language is finding a friend online or visiting the target country. For a Russian, I can recommend you this russian language course Moscow. The method is there is oriented on solving the problems. So wish you luck.


    Hi, I’m from Siberia and I learn English. If you need to help in learning the Russian language I can help you if you help me with English 🙂


    If anyone wants to improve their English because they don’t feel that they’re good enough, I wanna come up with a good option: homework lab. It helped me a lot in improving my English and dealing with infinite homeworks, so try this too!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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