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    Vlasta B

    Is there anyone who can speak english with me?

    Vu Hong Giang

    Hi. How do you do? I am a boy, 23 years old, live in Vietnam and also an English Learner. Could we be friends? We could have a small talk sometimes.


    i want to leaning English, but i don’t know how start?..can i help you..thank a lot


    Yes and sure,small talks and chats are good. But sometimes you will even realize you may not be improving or perhaps in the short term you’ll fill not so sure of learning at all. An option to be a self learner is to write a journal (not a dairy) , it will belong to you, being able to record anything in english. As often, skype is a good enabler to practice when there is a good mood between two persons or within a group, but there are other options as well.


    Hello! I’m looking for someone who will talk to me in English.

    Ngân Huỳnh

    i am learning english, maybe i can help u

    KD Brian

    hi everyone , im here to speak and improve my english skill, if you like me so let’s talk together.!!
    my skype address : https://web.skype.com/en/
    or you can search : Cuong Tran


    Hi guys! I am learning English too. I would like to talk with somebody…


    hi everyone,, well i am not an expert but yea i am upper intermediate in english,, so if anyone is looking for some english conversations,, i am here for that.. Thanks 🙂


    My name is Anastasia. I am 32 and my dream is to learn English.I am here with a purpose of English colloquial speech asquisition. I am looking for a companion with the same motivation in Rassian communication.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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