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    This club is for all Spanish learners.
    What do you need help with? Ask any questions, what do you find challenging? Or even easy? What’s confusing you?

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    Ahmed Hemeida

    Hi hi ..Thanks for forming Spanish Club to help Spanish learners

    I need to learn Spanish, and I have a lot of sources either books or websites ..various materials but I do not know how to start ? I need a lesson plan ? Can yu help ?
    Thanks in advance

    Ali Wahssis

    hola chicas chicos !
    quiero hablar con vos otros ­čÖé


    Hi and thanks for creating this forum!
    My name is Sira.
    To me, the most difficult part of Spanish learning is the complicated grammar. And the Spanish speaking is also quite difficult. I always need to think about verbs so I cannot speak very fluently. And that’s why I need to find partners to practice lol.

    Me llamo Sira. He estudiado espa├▒ol 2 a├▒os. Quiero mejorar espa├▒ol por intercambio. Puedo hablar en chino e ingl├ęs. Espero sus repuestas!


    Tambi├ęn quiero hablar espa├▒ol contigo!

    Pablo Hadziatanasiu

    Hola , hablo espa├▒ol nativo , de argentina, yo quiero mejorar mi nivel de ingl├ęs hablando con gente que sepa ingles nativo, asi que si quieren me avisan ­čÖé


    Hi! My name is Margarita. For me, the most difficult part is the conjugation of verbs, and conversational Spanish. I would need to pause a bit before being able to speak, so achieving fluency is a difficult part too.


    Hello to all.
    I am Argentinien and I live in Spain, I would love to help you out as long as you help me out with my English pronunciation. It is not that bad, but I reckon, it can improve. Thanks a lot, Ada.



    I’m David and I’m from Mexico City, I’m a native spanish speaker so if you need help feel free to ask.



    Hello! I’d like to know whether there is a Spanish chatroom like the one for English called “Practice English Together”. It would really help me. I think that my level in Spanish is average and I need to chat more with native speakers. If there is no such a chatroom, can you create one please?

    Cesar Espa├▒a

    Hi, I am colombiano, but living in Roma, I am here for help you with your pronunciation and write in Spanish, and improvise my level of English.

    Hola, soy colombiano, pero vivo en Roma, estoy aqu├ş para ayudarte con tu pronunciaci├│n y escritura en espa├▒ol, y mejorar mi nivel de ingl├ęs

    alex toledo

    hola a todos:
    soy de Colombia hablo espa├▒ol y quiero aprender ingles, quien se anima?


    ┬┐Hay alguien que tiene inter├ęs en intracambiar de idiomas? Espa├▒ol por ingl├ęs. Tengo un acento canadiense y estoy jubilado y por eso tengo un horario bastante flexible. Vivo en la zona horaria se llama EST (Eastern Standard Time) en cual encontrarse Toronto y Nueva York. Puedo leer a un nivel alto intermedio, escribir a un nivel intermedio y hablar a un nivel bajo intermedio. Por ejemplo, he escrito esto sin utilizando un diccionario.

    Puedo hablar un hora hasta diez horas por semana y alojar a tu horario. Prefiero Skype porque ya lo tengo.

    Tengo dos objetivos….viajar a la amazonia y tambi├ęn en dos a├▒os, ver las pel├şculas en franc├ęs utilizando los subtitulos en espa├▒ol. Mis inter├ęs son la fotograf├şa, viajar, la jardiner├şa, la salud y tengo un taller de carpinter├şa.

    Madhawa Habarakada

    I’m Madhawa from Sri Lanka. I’m a native Sinhalese speaker buy my English is very good. I’m working as an Engineer in a production factory.
    I want to learn some Spanish as I’m in contact with spanish people who are professionally connected with my job. currently we do our communication in english, but I thought that if I knew some spanish, it would be better. So am interested in connecting with a person who is good in spanish.

    Thanks and Regards.


    try pimsleur approach a lotof cds on ebay they do work. a little boring but you’ll learn quickly and faster than duolingo

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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