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    Name: Norbulingka
    Location: Luobulingka Road, Minzu South Road, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.
    Tickets: 80 yuan in peak season and 60 yuan in the off-season.
    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00 (Tibetan Opera 11:00).
    Tour time: 3 hours.
    Best time to visit: Summer (from June to August, large-scale Tibetan operas, picnics, and singing and dancing performances are staged in Norbulingka during the grand Seton Festival).

    Introduction to Norbulingka Park
    Norbulingka, which means “treasure house” in Tibetan, was built in the 1740s (the era of the Seventh Dalai Lama). The Dala Lama moves from the Potala Palace to Norbulingka for official duties every summer, so it is also called the “Lhasa Summer Palace”. After more than 200 years of construction, the garden has become the largest 360,000 square meters man-made garden in Tibet. It is rich in historical relics. Among them, Gesang Fodun Palace, Gaxag Pavilion, and Dengming Nine Palaces are the key buildings. This park can be divided into three parts: East Front Park, Zhonggong District, and Back Natural Landscape Park.

    Under national protection, Norbulingka was listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001 as an extension of the Potala Palace.


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