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    There have been some recent reports that came up with the discouraging message that fluency in another language is impossible after a person is about 10-year-old. All such reports actually misinterpreted the study’s findings. Additionally, the message they were trying to send was not correct at all.

    The meaning of fluency in a foreign language is that a person is able to run a communication in that language with relative comfort. It also signifies that speaking is not really a strain on both the speaker as well as the listener.

    In fact, almost anybody can attain fluency in any language at any age. So it is not correct to claim
    that young kids can learn foreign languages faster as compared to older kids or adults. Contrarily, when you deliver the same kind of instructions to students belonging to different age groups, the older ones can actually perform better in the beginning and also in the long term. Learners belonging to any age group can accomplish native-like and brilliant command over another language’s vocabulary including difficult structures like proverbs or idioms.

    Hence, you can achieve fluency in any foreign language irrespective of how old you are. Small imperfections pertaining to accent or grammar can simply enhance the charm.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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