Working together

Use this section to find help, or help other users with: Translating, Correcting, Homeworks or Any other languages related work.

Let’s help each other
OpenNataliiaz asked 2 months ago
68 views0 answers0 votes
OpenH.P asked 2 months ago
41 views0 answers0 votes
I can help with English if you help me with German c:
Opensavvv asked 2 months ago
40 views0 answers0 votes
Learning English
OpenRodolfo Bomfim asked 2 months ago • 
61 views0 answers0 votes
Hi ! Can you help me to practice French? I'm Vietnamese
OpenPigHemo asked 2 months ago • 
36 views0 answers0 votes
My English for your spanish
OpenSebastian Luczy asked 2 months ago
271 views3 answers0 votes
Hi ! Can you help me to practice English ? I'm Vietnamese
OpenLHPA asked 2 months ago
285 views2 answers0 votes

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