Working togetherCategory: Otherchoose important topic we can discuss and we will make a schedule ( all in English )
MOHAMED SERAG asked 5 years ago

please any one concerned about learning English please join me and we will discuss very important topics . 
suggest anything you want out of religion discussions it always having a  bad ending while we are not specialists . 
so please be active and join me .
share your knowledge and be sure you will gain mush more you give . 

Mukund Chaskar replied 5 years ago

Age has nothing to do with learning language and making good friends. I am here to share knowledge and give English / Hindi (Indian language) conversation practice.

Vitaly replied 5 years ago

Hello. I would like to share your conversation. Do you mind to talk about cultural differences? It is always interesting

Zahraa Kohla replied 5 years ago

I’d like to join , culture differences is a good topic

Maryoanh replied 5 years ago

Hello.I’d like to talk about culture with you all.

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