What is ELE?

What is ELE?

Easy Language Exchange is a free platform where language learners from all over the world have access to a free and user-friendly site to come together and learn their targeted foreign language. We have a great site built for learners like you who want to become part of a worldwide community. Our goal is simple, we connect you to the right person at the right level. We have over 100K users who are waiting for you to contact them. Find the perfect language friend with us.

Our Community

ELE has been created by real language learners who understand and appreciate the effort and work that every person goes through to reach a level of language fluency. That is why we are proud to work with like minded people from all over the world to make the process enjoyable while creating a community where genuine members gather to help each other on their language journey.

We encourage interaction as  that accelerates the learning process. Our Language Exchange section puts you instantly in touch with suitable language partners by matching your profiles so you can get started immediately.

Helping you Reach Fluency

We are here to complement your current learning technique. We understand that language learning can be expensive and so we make available as many free resources as possible.

Not only have we added a section where people can help with your everyday questions but also there free lessons and tests available accompanied by an informative and very motivational blog. With an entire site dedicated to language learning, you can’t go wrong with ELE. We are here to support you until the end.

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