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Matt Ortega asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone it’s me again in need of some corrections? The task says: “You have had a class discussion about the possibility of setting up a new college magazine. Your teacher has asked you to write a report about: 1) whether the magazine has to be published online or on paper 2) what sections it should contain 3) How often the magazine should be published. Write your report on 140 – 190 words”
A Magazine for our College
The aim of this report is to discuss a possible magazine for the college, in terms of form (online or print version), content and frequency.
A study carried out by the college corpus has shown that most students would like online magazines, and that’s because most students own technological devices, such as laptops and cellphones, and there’s also the fact that online versions are more environmentally-friendly.
There’s a wide variety of contents to publish in our college magazine; such as a discovery section, an information column, and a column for opinion articles written by students. As well as that, a section with puzzles, quizzes, and logic games could be added so as to entertain stressed-out students.
The magazine should be posted weekly due to the lack of spare time college students have, and the difficulty of providing an extensive magazine.
In conclusion, a magazine for our college can be extremely useful for both the college administration and the students. It should be a weekly online version, containing a mix of discoveries and information, as well as an entertainment section.

Katya Dachno replied 5 years ago

Your report is well organized !

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