Working togetherCategory: OtherLooking for a japanese teacher, I can help with english french and spanish in return.
Jean.B asked 3 years ago

Hi everyone,
    I am Jean from france, I started Japanese about 2 months ago and i just love it so far. The writing system seems quite tricky but i am getting used to it. I can read hiragana, katakana, and recognize about 200 kanji. Practising kanji is relaxing and I took the habit to write some on a daily base.  If i’m here on this website it’s also that i would like to know more about the people speaking the language.      
    I know that, at the moment i won’t be able handle a conversation in japanese. I can understand a few words and some simple sentences but not much more ^^ If you wish to practice with me, i can help with french (native) and spanish and english at a quite high level (pronunciation OK)    

    Let’s learn together !
Best regards,    

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