Working togetherCategory: QuestionsLooking for intermediate english conversation with native english / I can help with french or spanish :-)
Amalaya asked 9 months ago

Hi , 
My name is Karine. I am 45 years old an i would like to practice my english to be a real Estate agent 
in Sapin ( Málaga ). 
For the moment, I live in FRance and i am native speaker. I come from Paris but I live near Switzerland, in the Alpes. 
During 25 years, i have been a spanish teacher and I love Spain and Spanish people whith whom i identify myself. 
I like many different things that we could talk about. I am interested in exchanges of human experiences or hobbies. 
I have practiced climbing for many years, i practice snowboarding. I would like to practice more flamenco and kitesurfing. 
I like meditating too.
Let’s talk together.
A bientôt !
¡ Hasta prontito !

2 Answers
Mariairi03 answered 9 months ago
  • Hello!! I can help you, i have a really good english level
lazar answered 6 months ago

Can you please help me with practice my French? I would like to help you with English as much as I can. 

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