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US Company Is Putting Microchips in Its Employees
     Technology offers conveniences such as opening the garage door from your car or changing the television station without touching the TV. Now one American company is offering its employees a new convenience: a microchip implanted in their hands. Employees who have these chips can do all kinds of things just by waving their hands. Three Square Market is offering to implant microchips in all of their employees for free.
     Each chip costs $300 and Three Square Market will pay for the chip. Employees can volunteer to have the chips implanted in their hands. About 50 out of 80 employees have chosen to do so. The president of the company, his wife and their children are also getting chips implanted in their hands. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice. Implanting the chip only takes about a second and is said to hurt only very briefly. The chips go under the skin between the thumb and forefinger.

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danielsosa answered 4 years ago

Compañía americana esta colocando micro chips en sus empleados.
La tecnología ofrece alternativas como abrir el garaje desde el carro o cambiar el canal sin tocar el televisor. Compañía americana esta ofreciendo a sus empleados una nueva alternativa: un micro chip implantado en sus manos. Los empleados que tengan este chip pueden hacer toda clase de cosas solo moviendo sus manos. Three Square Market esta ofreciendo implantar microchips gratis en sus empleados.
Cada chips cuesta $300 y Three Square market pagara por el chip. Los empleados pueden voluntariamente tener el chip implantado en sus manos. Alrededor de 50 u 80 empleados han escogido hacerlo. El presidente de la Compañía, su esposa y sus hijos han implantado chips en sus manos. El tamaño del chip es como el de un grano de arroz. Implantar el chip toma un segundo y se dice que hiere brevemente. Los chips van bajo la piel entre el dedo pulgar e indice.

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