Ele Staff asked 4 years ago

“Get over him. He’s not even worth it. He is not worth your time or your tears.”

What does worth it mean in this phrase?

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magnolia answered 4 years ago

to be worth something (it)– to be valuable, important, useful, special or advantageous enough
to make the cost, risk, effort, disadvantages, pain (needed to get it or keep it or endured after losing it)
seem acceptable or reasonable or of little consequence in comparison
If you will not the pay the price for something because the item is not worth it,
the quality of the item lessens the actual value of it: the price is too high.
If another person is described as not worth it, the quality of the person (his/her decency, honor, character)
is deemed too poor (of little value) to justify much effort, pain or anything else.
In this sentence, the HE does not deserve the crying person’s emotions, time¬† or tears.¬† Losing HIM is not really much of an actual loss.
(He is/was not a truly good person or friend or whatever.)

magnolia replied 4 years ago


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